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Everything we do at Lucozade Ribena Suntory is about making our soft drinks delicious and unique. 

Our much-loved Ribena is made with 100% British blackcurrants and we work closely and directly with 38 growers around the UK. These trusted relationships span for generations and are focused on a shared passion for taste and the environment.

The Ribena Story

Ribena’s unmistakeable flavour has been enjoyed by people everywhere for over 70 years.

bts bush to bottle


  • We develop and select only the best juicy blackcurrants from locations across the UK. This helps us reduce the risk of drought and frost and prolong the harvest period.


  • Our growers lovingly raise their crops over a period of three years. They fight off pests and diseases and prune each shrub (while talking to them lots).


  • All our blackcurrants were picked by hand until machines were introduced in the 70s. Today around 10,000 tonnes* of juicy, ripe blackcurrants are harvested each year.

*2015 Annual volumes.


  • Our purple pals are delivered to Thatchers in Somerset where they’re turned into our famous Ribena syrup. Once we’ve squeezed the last drop from the fruit, the skins are given to a colour supplier, so nothing is wasted.


  • The sumptuous syrup is delivered to our manufacturing site in the Forest of Dean where approximately 630,000 Ribena drinks are bottled and packaged every day. Our lucky taste experts regularly sample the goods to make sure it’s always the best-tasting Ribena ever.


  • Ribena is delivered to stores all over the United Kingdom and Ireland, and exported around the world.

Did you know that our blackcurrant beauty is enjoyed by consumers in countries including Hong Kong, Denmark and Malaysia?

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