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Inside Our Factory

Nestled in the heart of the Forest of Dean is the jewel in the LRS crown, our manufacturing site in the town of Coleford.  Built in 1946 and spanning 53 acres, the factory produces two of Britain’s best loved brands, Lucozade and Ribena.  A staggering billion bottles of drinks are made every year at the factory and transported around the UK and further afield to those countries that love Lucozade and Ribena as much as us Brits.  

Fun Facts

  • Quality checks are important and we have high speed cameras that check the quality of 26,000 bottles every 10 minutes. That’s ten times faster than the human eye.
  • We blow our own bottles on site at our Logoplaste operation and the bottles move across the ceiling on a special air-veyor
  • It takes 0.2 seconds to make a bottle
  • Our laser guided robotic forklifts drive in the dark to save energy
  • In the 1940s all blackcurrant pressing was done at Coleford, you can still see the berry stains on the original concrete paving
  • The cold store in the deepest part of the factory is where you’ll find the entire year’s harvest supply of blackcurrant juice – that’s 1.5million litres
  • The factory has its own water source with 2 boreholes on the site
  • 90% of people who work at the factory live in Coleford
  • Sometimes we get snowed in, but we keep going with the help of Lucozade Energy
  • Replacing original fluorescent lightning with LEDs
  • Fitting all chillers with an Elstat Energy Management device
  • Converting to hydro-carbon refrigerant gasses, which are non-ozone depleting

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