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Keeping it fresh

We love sparkly new ideas. This creativity and originality means our consumers get to experience the best-quality, greatest-tasting drinks around.

When we launched our 1.5L Ribena bottle, made from 100% recycled PET, we worked on improving the shape of previous designs and gained our very first design patent. Result.

But there were some tricky obstacles for the team along the way. From staying true to the original Ribena design, to creating a large bottle from entirely 100% recycled PET, it wasn’t an easy task. But, as always, we were up for the challenge.

Here’s the story of our lovely Ribena bottle…

To boost our environmental-friendliness we decided to transform all of our 1.5L bottles to 100% recycled PET - but we needed to keep the iconic Ribena squash bottle design. 

The bottles are filled with luscious Ribena when a high pressure vacuum is created. But each bottle must withstand up to one bar of internal pressure. Phew! 

We quickly discovered that no existing 100% recycled PET base could withstand the filling pressure. So we had to come up with our own solution… 

Our inspiration came straight from Mother Nature. We used something called ‘bio-mimicry’ and basically borrowed the incredible honeycomb structure that bees produce for their hives. 

bts design inno

We explored how adding a honeycomb structure to the base could help the bottles withstand the extreme pressure of filling.  And it seems we were onto a winner. 

So we patented the design and went into production. We’ve since received nominations from various industry design awards and were buzzing when we won the Horners Bottlemaker’s Award 2015, from the British Plastic Federation.

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