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What is Berrypom?

‘Berry Pom’ was a project we worked on with food scientists and researchers from across Europe and New Zealand to explore the potential nutritional benefits of the by-products of blackcurrant processing, called pomace. 

We were particularly interested in finding out about the different types of fibre present in pomace and whether we could use this ingredient to increase the fibre content of cereal-based products such as bread, muffins and breakfast cereals. 

When adding pomace, we found that although flavour was hardly affected, bread did look a bit darker so we also explored ways to lighten the colour of the pomace. Through our research, we also discovered that in addition to fibre, blackcurrant pomace was a rich source of polyphenols. These are plant constituents which are known to have several health benefits.
Less waste and greater nutrition. It’s got to be a good thing.

Project Berry Pom

Bringing Science to Life: Beyond Berrry Pom 

Project Berry Pom helped us to discover the different types of fibres present in pomace and its polyphenol content. This led us beyond Berry Pom to our next project ‘Project Amyl’. 

In Project Amyl we are working in collaboration with the University of Huddersfield and King’s College London to further understand the benefit of the fibre and polyphenols that are found in blackcurrant pomace on human health. 

This is a project of two parts. The first is looking at how polyphenols can slow down the absorption of carbohydrates so that energy from food can last longer. The only downside of polyphenols is that when used in great amounts they can change the taste of the product in a negative way. So, the second stage of the project will be to test the hypothesis that a lower number of polyphenols, combined with fibre from pomace, will deliver the same positive effect of delivering a healthier and more longer lasting type of energy. This is because fibre can slow the release of glucose into the blood too.  

Our hope from this research is that we will be able to use polyphenols and fibre together to provide a form of energy that is released slower and lasts longer in the body. 

We look forward to publishing the results by the beginning of 2019. 

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