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We want to revolutionise the soft drinks world. In true Yatte Minahare style, we’re on a mission to quench the world’s thirst for amazing flavours with exciting, life-enhancing drinks.

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For you

We listen to our consumers, and we know their demands are changing. The world wants to be healthier. And we are doing all we can to help with this.

By not just producing products that are better for you, but by doing all we can to get our consumers to choose our no-sugar varieties. and we're starting by pledging that all of our new or existing added sugar drinks will be under 100kcals per serve, that's less than 4.5g sugar per 100ml or less.

An active life is a happy life: we want to inspire people to move more through our actions, our brands, and our sports and activity partners.     

Knowledge is power so they say: we communicate what’s in our drinks in a simple and transparent way, and we have a lovely consumer care team and nutritionist who are on hand to answer any of your questions.

Our Principles

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Principle 01

We will always produce great-tasting drinks that put consumers' health and wellbeing first.

All drinks with added sugar will have less than 4.5g total sugar per 100ml (approximately a teaspoon) or less.

All our brands will have zero or low calorie alternative.

Principle 02

We will help our consumers make healthier drinking choices.

New partnerships exploring consumer behaviour and motivation.

Always show calories on front of pack.

Principle 03

We will inspire people to move more.

Establish a ‘Movement’ Fund, supporting disadvantaged groups to access sport and activity.

£30m investment over the next 3 years in a campaign to inspire people to move more.

Principle 04

We will become one of the healthiest places to work.

Actively promoting and encouraging health and wellness for all employees.

Inspire our employees with our Made to Move challenge. 
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It is important to us that we give the consumer great-tasting drinks to be enjoyed at the right time and for the right occasion. I am excited to work side-by-side with our development teams to provide scientific insight into the latest innovations that will help develop the next generation of healthy drinks.

Dr Caroline Saunders, 
Principal Nutrition Scientist 

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Our plan to live well together starts with out employees, the people who put the passion into our brands.

From healthy staff restaurants to Boxercise® classes with Anthony Joshua, we're putting movement back into the workplace.

Our new drinks will taste great and will put consumer health and well-being first. Drinks technology is changing and the possibilities are this space.

Putting consumers' health and 

Putting consumers' health and wellbeing

Sugar Reduction

Principle one of our health and wellbeing pledge includes a commitment to ensure all of our drinks with added sugar contain 4.5g total sugar per 100ml or less (approximately a teaspoon).

We made the pledge in 2016, but it took a huge amount of work to deliver.