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Made To Move

Lucozade Ribena Suntory was Made to Move!

Not only are we inspiring the nation to move more, we're doing it ourselves; driving towards our ambition to be one of the healthiest places to work.

In June 2017, employees signed up to the Made to Move challenge that pitted teams against each other to see who could average the greatest number of steps. We unleashed an already fiercely competitive spirit in our employees and got people moving across the company - from manufacturing and field sales to marketing and finance as well as everyone in between.

Every step counted, so it wasn't just fitting in extra walks at lunchtime! There were conference calls in the car park, walking meetings, people walking on the spot at their desks and some people even ditched their cars for the month.

By the end of the challenge we really demonstrated that with a little creativity and competition we can all be more active despite our busy lifestyles.

Achievements include:

  • 69.6 million total steps - that's nearly 1.5 times around the earth
  • 10,000 steps per person, per day on average, which is close to each participant walking 5 miles every day
  • 533,988 total steps accumulated by the winning team

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