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Desktop Drinks 01 Bottle
Desktop Drinks 01 Bottle

Moving On Drinks

We realised some years ago that we needed to change and cut down on sugar significantly. Ever since, Lucozade Ribena Suntory has been reformulating as part of our ongoing commitment to provide our health-conscious consumers with drinks that better suit their health and wellbeing needs. We remain passionate about this process and are proud with the change we have already made.

Desktop 1 01 900x460 Introduction Desktop Drinks
Desktop 1 01 900x460 Introduction Desktop Drinks
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Desktop Drinks 02 Formula

Tasting Success

Last year we explained how as part of this commitment, we reformulated a total of 60 different drinks. This required a mammoth number of recipes to be developed by 100 members of staff, which all had to be tested by thousands of consumers to ensure we got it right as we weren’t prepared to compromise on taste!
This year the proof of our success is in the results. Reformulation has been a success and now more than 25 million people are enjoying drinks with 50% less sugar. 


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The move also made business sense. Though we saw a dip in sales in the short term - any change to a 90-year-old brand is going to disappoint some people – the move is a long-term one and it is beginning to pay off. Since the introduction of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy, our total portfolio has seen 4.2% growth driven by our core brands, Lucozade Energy, Ribena and Lucozade Sport, and their zero-sugar variants. Lucozade Zero is up by 11.4% year-on-year, while Ribena Light is growing at 5%.

Lucozade Sport Fitwater, launched in 2017, is now worth £2.9m and is growing by 39%. The drink contains four key electrolytes to help replenish consumers, including magnesium that contributes to electrolyte balance and a reduction of fatigue, as well as calcium which helps normal muscle function.

Another new addition to our less-sweet drinks portfolio, True Nopal Cactus Fruit Water, is growing by 31%.

We are really pleased by this success and determined to do even more – by developing new drinks and adding new flavours to our portfolio.


This brand new, low-calorie, tea infusion from LRS’s innovation team infuses whole tea leaves with fruit juice and is in stores in two delicious flavours from July. 

MT Concepts BG MASTER + MayTea Mask

Ribena Frusion

A blackcurrant water that is totally unique! It contains real fruit juice, is low in calories, rich in Vitamin C and with no sweeteners or preservatives, Ribena Frusion is for anyone who wants great tasting drinks with little sugar.

ribena frusion all bottles

Lucozade Sport Fruit Punch

Launched with UK boxing sensation Anthony Joshua, the apple and raspberry flavoured drink will feature the sportsman in our marketing, inspiring people to move more.

AJ Fruit Punch Top On KV PORT FINAL
Desktop Drinks 03  Handshake
Desktop Drinks 03  Handshake

Driving Awareness

Creating these drinks is just one part of our plan to help our consumers drink less sugar. We are also investing heavily to raise awareness of them – all with the goal of driving consumption of healthier drinks. For example:

At the start of 2019, we launched an eight week campaign for Fitwater, after a successful £1.5M ʻElectrolyse your Exerciseʼ campaign in 2018.


Lucozade Zero partnered with Love Island in 2018 to drive awareness and sales through the summer with a £6M budget and weʼre repeating the partnership again.


Our new low-calorie Ribena Frusion sub-brand is at the very heart of a £6.2M media spend from Ribena throughout 2019.


Investing in the Future

In January we announced that our parent company, Suntory Beverage & Food, was investing £13m in Lucozade Ribena Suntory’s factory in Coleford, Gloucestershire.

The investment in new production and processing equipment and supporting infrastructure, will support the company’s global sustainability strategy by reducing the amount of water and energy required to produce each bottle. It also gives us the technology to expand our product range in years to come as we continue our journey to healthier drinks. The presence of sugar during production actually helps to prevent contamination of drinks so our new line has to produce lower-sugar drinks without compromising at all on quality.

Suntory’s commitment to our UK operations is a vote of confidence in our business, and an investment in our future health (literally) and wellbeing strategy. The new production line will be operational by the end of this year.