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Lucozade Ribena Suntory

Acting with integrity

Corporate Governance

LRS has a well-established Corporate Governance structure that consists of the following:

The Board – The Board of LRS is responsible for overseeing the general strategic direction of the company, holding the Executive Committee to account and promoting the success of the Company as a whole. The Board of LRS also has general responsibility to oversee the Company’s compliance and ethics programmes, policies and procedures as well as risk management. The Board currently consists of: 

  • Carol Robert (COO of LRS)
  • Peter Harding (CEO of SBFE)
  • Mary Guest (General Counsel and Company Secretary of LRS)
  • Conor Brew (CFO of LRS)
  • Takayuki Sanno (Executive Officer of SBF)
  • Toby McKeever (Chief Strategy Officer of SBFE)
  • Cesar Vargas Martin (Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer of SBFE)

The Executive Commitee

The Executive Committee – The Executive Committee, accountable to the board, is responsible for the day to day running of the company and for the execution of the Board’s strategic vision and is accountable to the Board.

The Ethics Committee 

The Ethics and Compliance Committee is responsible for overseeing LRS’s compliance and ethics programmes including the implementation of, and compliance with, those programmes, policies and procedures that are designed to respond to the risks facing the Company (which include, amongst others, compliance risks and regulatory risks). The Ethics Committee reports directly into the Board and consists of various members of the Executive Committee and Senior Management.

The Risk Management Committee

The role of the Risk Management Committee is to continually review and understand the risks facing the Company and to: 

  • Ensure the implementation of programmes designed to deal with those risks identified
  • Develop and implement programmes, procedures and training to ensure LRS is prepared and capable to manage incidents that may occur
  • Develop business continuity plans to minimise damage and disruption to the Company and its customers following potential adverse events

The Risk Management Committee consists of a cross-functional group of managers with a strong working knowledge of the company’s operations and reports directly to the Ethics Committee as well as to the Executive Committee.

In addition to the Corporate Governance structure outlined above, LRS is also audited annually by third parties, in line with various reporting requirements.


Building trust with our consumers, suppliers and employees is a vital part of growing our business in a sustainable and transparent way.  You can read more about how we conduct ourselves and our expectations of others to act in the right way here:

Equality, diversity and respect for human rights

Building trust means challenging ours and others’ perceptions of acceptable behaviour and always acting with respect for others. Our Modern Slavery Act Statement sets out the steps we have taken and will continue to take to ensure that modern slavery and human trafficking are not taking place within our business or supply chains.

Current statement:

Click here for our modern slavery statement. 


Modern Slavery Statement  (for the financial year ending 31 December 2016)
Modern Slavery Statement (for the financial year ending 31 December 2017)
Modern Slavery Statement (for the financial year ending 31 December 2018)

Tackling Food Waste

Reducing waste is just one of the ways we sustainably manage our resources and in 2018 we committed to reduce food waste in our operations by 50% by 2030. 

Find out how we're implementing WRAP's Target, Measure, Act strategy to achieve this aim:

Gender Pay Gap Report

We're proud that our people are at the heart of our business, they make us who we are and are critical to our success. Our Yatte Minahare spirit makes us a vibrant and fun place to work, but it’s our inclusive, supportive relationships and mutual respect that makes us one team. Each of us, regardless of gender or background, plays a massive part in creating soft drink brands that stand out from the crowd. 

Our gender pay gap report shows the difference in average pay between men and women.

Download the latest report below:

We believe in diversity, fairness and respect regardless of gender or background, and we are committed to keeping this at the heart of our culture both now and in the future.

Mary Guest,
General Counsel & Interim HR Director at Lucozade Ribena Suntory 

Leading through Change

Through the drinks we sell, our inspirational brands and the way we do business, we have the privileged opportunity to make the lives of our employees and consumers a bit better. It’s simple to us: take out the calories, encourage people to get more active and we are all looking at a brighter future.
So that’s what we’re doing! We are creating drinks that have purpose, give people healthier life choices and make them feel good. 

To find out more, visit our health and wellbeing pages:

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