Area Engineering Manager (Aseptic)


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Overview & Job Purpose

  • To create and manage a world-class engineering team through effective management and delivery of the planned maintenance strategy that will:
  • Ensure a safe environment through proactive management.
  • Provide reliable equipment and processes which will maintain product quality with a target plant availability above 95%.
  • Ensure team are focused on driving and improving production OEE in support of operational targets and ambitions.
  • Build a proactive team spirit which will ensure the most effective use of engineering resource through transformational leadership.
  • Build effective relationships with business key stakeholders and proactively integrate engineering activities within the manufacturing processes.
  • Ensure the provision and recording of accurate and timely factual data for engineering and operational leadership teams in accordance with all current legal and requirements and industry best practices.
  • Be available as required to react to escalations as identified and initiated through the LRS Coleford escalation processes.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure a proactive safe working environment through behavioural safety and reviewing the workplace environment using the Gemba supported by IOSSH qualification.
  • Ensure a proactive approach to Product Safety and Product Quality leading performance improvement and accountability throughout the team.
  • Lead, motivate and coordinate engineering team with management of absence, time & attendance, ensuring that the lines are resourced accordingly.
  • Develop team through training, employee development activities and mentorship. Lead the application of the Personal Development Plan process (PDP), whilst ensuring visibility of department succession planning through training, education and recruitment.
  • Drive the engineering team culture to a proactive and predictable way of working in engineering with ambitions to be best in class.
  • Drive change and respond proactively to changing technologies ensuring continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Align short term tactical activity to longer term strategy.
  • Lead the definition and implementation of a predictive maintenance strategy by using current best maintenance practices.
  • Support autonomous maintenance-type activities within manufacturing through Operators and Technical Operators.
  • Define the critical assets and assess the critical spare parts listings for the equipment, whilst ensuring obsolesce programmes for spare parts are in place.
  • Initiate and lead engineering cost reduction through the management of effective spend (R&M, Inventory Overtime, Capital).
  • Lead the safe delivery of the planned shutdowns or overhauls on time and within budget, adhering to effective contractor management processes.
  • Lead the improvement of line performance, waste reduction and life cycle replacement working closely with other key engineering functions, line support engineers & projects team.

Experience & Skills

  • Engineering Degree (Mechanical and/or Electrical), or equivalent, with progressive manufacturing supervisory and management experience
  • Experienced in Planned Preventative Maintenance with deployment of AM & PM pillars within a TPM environment
  • Experience in managing multiple priorities and to tight deadlines
  • Statutory engineering requirements and compliance awareness
  • Experience in improvement techniques
  • Procurement and Supplier management/Contracts management
  • Application of TPM principles
  • Strong problem-solving ability
  • Ability to communicate effectively and with authority across all levels of the Supply Chain
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision to ensure provision of team engineering activities
  • Ensuring excellent customer service for key stakeholders
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of process control systems
  • Basic computer skills